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New Hayabusa Billet Housing and Ignition
Install in 1 Hr. ! 

The new FBG Hayabusa Ignition comes complete ready to bolt on.  The Hayabusa Ignition is compatible with Dyna2000, Schnitz Pro Series II and MSD. This billet aluminum housing is similar to the previous model, but on this one, the trigger plate is on the outside of the engine. You can change the timing just like a GS1100. The new billet rotor is anodized for long lasting and better ware factor to seals. We also remover the scribed line on rotor because of Hayabusa crank twisting problems. Just install a degree wheel set your timing and scribe your own line. Now the billet housing is custom for your Bike, to check timing in the future simply align housing and mark for quick reference.


bulletLow cost
bulletNow you can run carburetors
bulletExternal Timing adjustment (in seconds)
bulletVery easy installation (bolt on)
bulletExtra strength and support for starter gear (no more broken covers)
bulletAftermarket ignition fixes shift problems
bulletNo more trigger plate running in oil
bulletComes with all instructions, with photos
bulletComes with bolt, seal, everything you need.

It's available several different ways:

bulletJust the complete housing with cover, rotor, bolt and seal (If you have your own trigger plate)
bulletComplete housing, trigger plate w/2 magnet rotor
bulletComplete housing, trigger plate w/1 magnet rotor and Dyna 2000 Ignition
bulletComplete housing, trigger plate w/2 magnet rotor, Pro Series II and the .7ohm coils.
bulletComplete housing, trigger plate, rotor, MC-4 Box and coils & wires
All in Stock!               Order ships within 24 hours
Part # HAY-HOUSING-R  *Retail Price $379.00
 "billet housing and rotor"
Part # HAY-IGN *Retail Price $530.00
"billet housing, rotor, trigger"
Part # HAY-IGN-2000 *Retail Price $829.00
"billet housing, rotor, complete 2000 Ign."
Part # HAY-IGN-PS2 *Retail Price $1529.00
"billet housing, rotor, complete pro series II ignition"
Part # HAY-IGN-MSD *Retail Price $1495.00
"billet housing, rotor, complete MSD Ign."
 Install in one Hr. Now you have the same Ign. as all Drag Bikes!

Order Hotline: 1-800-866-3880

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