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Wesico Pro Pistons

New Product Release from FBG                 Wiseco Suzuki GS1100 Pistons

  Full  Dome, Slipper Skirts, Pockets to accept 31 x 27.5mm, Lightweight Tool Steel Pins, 18mm 51gr., Very Trick, Designed by Paul Gast

  Part # 10260M08500   85mm, 1500cc,  253 gr.
Part #10260M08700   87mm, 1570cc,  270 gr.
$139.00 each    
Includes XC rings, clips & Tool steel pins      

New Product Release from FBG           Wiseco Kawasaki Z/KZ/GPZ Pistons

45 degree Full  Dome for hi compression, Valve pockets to fit up to 39mm X 32mm, Lightweight 249 grams, Slipper Skirt design, Lightweight 17mm Tool Steel Pins, Very Trick, Designed by Paul Gast.
Part #9856M08500   85mm,  1500cc
$139.00 each
Includes XC rings, clips & Tool steel pins



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