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FBG Vacuum Pump (5-7 HP Gain)
Part # FBG-VP1
Retail Price: $289.00

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Ever wonder what that buzzing noise was coming from inside a Pro Stocker before they fired up? It's a Pro Stock secret... at least until we told everybody! That noise is coming from an electric vacuum pump. It's purpose is to evacuate the engine cases of unwanted pressures and make the piston rings seal better. The result is my favorite thing... HORSEPOWER! Well... almost my favorite thing.
bulletOil-less operation
bulletPermanently lubricated bearings
bulletBuilt-in cooling fan for constant use
bulletConvenient mounting tabs
bulletClosed housing and motor
bulletStainless valves and aluminum valve plate
bulletDie cast aluminum head and diaphragm hold down plate
bulletBalanced for smooth, low vibration operation
bulletLong-life diaphragmHelps prevents oil leaks
Cheap money... easy installation... increased horsepower...
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