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 ProStar Finals, Gainesville, FL

Fast By Gast Pro Stock Wins!

Fast By Gast-Team Race Report-Gainesville Finals 11/2007

FBG takes its racing seriously.

Gainesville was no exception.

FBG Top Gas. T/G had an exceptional field and was as tuff as ever.  All the racers were extra motivated, taking shots at the bonus money FBG posted for the Finals.  The #1 qualifier at a right on 8.200 was Mark Coulson.  Mark picked up a $500.00 FBG bonus for this outstanding run.  We had the 5 grand check in hand for the double right on run, and a few racers “just missed.” 

Semis-Mike Konopacki was going rounds at Gainesville.  Mike took out hard running Pete Barnhart to reach one of three finals at this race.  The other semi was a dandy.  Atco winner John Schwartz against 2x T/G champ Joe Rey.  A match of FBG Teammates and without doubt 2 of the best T/G racers in history.  As expected this was a classic close one.   I was on the line watching and was for sure more nervous than John or Joe.  Joe goes to the final on a double breakout win.  Hey boys, how’s those FBG Bullets holding up? 

T/G Final- Konopacki and Rey.  Champ vs. champ.  I called Vegas to get the odds.  The bookie said “are you serious” and hung up on me.  They stage.  My heart was pounding like a defibulator with an FBG battery.  Mike goes red by a whisker.  Joe Rey wins!  This run alone was worth whatever the hell I paid to get in. 

Congrats to Joe for showing off.  He had his own personal cheering section including wife Clare, new baby Nathan, Mom Barbara, and brother Mike.  Joe also won an additional $500.00 FBG bonus check for his win.

            FBG is proud to be the Top Gas class sponsor.  And yes, we are back for ’08.  And what about Ron Procoppio.  Ron is the new Fast By Gast Top Gas champion.  Are you kidding me with the year Ron had.

            Pro Stock- Went to Gainesville with 5 FBG bullets and wanted to try as many as I could.  Thursday test, 6.99.  Lets try another motor, Friday test 6.99.  Friday, Saturday qualify.  Not bad but definitely need to brush up on my night driving.  Qualified #1 with a let off 7.01.  Lets try another motor.  Lucky the FBG engines are installed with Velcro.  Race day.  This thing is fast.  Focus and make good runs.  6-second passes get your attention.

R-1 win.  7.01.  Headwind.  Not bad.

R-2-win. 7.00.  Better

            Final-We’ve got NHRA star Shawn Gann.  Not too hard to get up for this! 

            Leave first, go straight and hit those shift points.  Did it all and got the win with a very quick 6.95 at 190.73 mph.  I want to thank Joe Palmer, Butch, Karen, the Rey family, and all the awesome employees at FBG.  I also want to thank my fellow competitors and the great crowd of fans that came to Gainesville.  Can’t forget my beautiful wife Dana and of course Maggie Rose who licked the skin off my face when I got home.

            A final thanks to Brandi, Scott and Scott.  Prostar members are very lucky.


See you in Valdosta! 






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