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Fuel Ratio Tool is pre calibrated.  Do not attempt to move dial indicator face.*

  1)                   Remove three screws from top of carburetor, and remove slide.

2)                   Remove slide from cable. (Please do one carburetor at a time so you do not mix up which slide goes into which carburetor.)

3)                   Lift up on dial indicator probe and insert slide assembly. (Make sure slide and metering rod is fully in and seated; you may want to tug on rod to be sure it is all the way in.) See figure #1

4)                   Turn rod to the left & right to find lowest point on indicator. Read indicator as you are doing this. If it does not read “0” at the lowest point, an adjustment is required. See figure #2

Hold slide in one hand and with other hand simply screw rod of a turn (turn rod in it richens carburetor and turn rod out it leans carburetor) you might need the # RT-1 or a pair of needle nose pliers to turn the rod. Now that you made your adjustment, you must return the flat part of the rod to proper position. The rod will not work unless the flat side of the rod faces the intake side of the engine. You will not need the RT-1 or pliers for this job.

With the slide in your left hand, grab the rod with your other hand and push up on the rod, return it so the flat side is facing the intake valve.

You are done with your adjustment!

Reassemble carburetor and repeat idle tuning steps.


5)                   Adjust metering rod until dial indicator reads “0”.  Adjust idle slide height as necessary for proper idle speed.


*              Note:  if dial indicator face gets moved by accident, you may recalibrate tool by inserting rod in backside of tool with round side up. Indicator should read +.006” for 44mm or smaller and +.0065” for 46mm and bigger.  See figure #3




Note: In some cases because of improper spark or low compression, it is possible that you may have to adjust the metering rod of a turn leaner or richer (but no more), to obtain proper plug color.


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